Our unique intelligence services help mitigate threats and rapidly resolve incidents globally

Specific Target Intelligence from multiple sources

Locate & Track Assets

Continual Track & Monitor Assets & Personnel

Daily/Weekly Briefing & Recommendations

Counter Drone Activity

Personnel Intelligence

Travel Advice

Personnel Security

Safety Mitigation Training

Corrective Actions


Asset Recovery

Personnel Rescue

Mission Control

Mission Mapping

Artificial Intelligence
Meets Human Experience

The best insurance is preparation and prevention.

When that fails, an incident occurs, the Intelligence Fusion Centre gives it’s clients the ultimate in safety and incident resolution when travelling to adverse locations across the globe. We achieve this through comprehensive intelligence gathering, smart (including A.I.) intelligence analysis and efficient mission execution.

Intelligence Source

Human Intelligence
Signal Intelligence
Cyber Intelligence
OS Intelligence
Social Media Intelligence
Satellite intelligence
Communications Intelligence
GEO Intelligence
Dark/Deep Web Intelligence
Communications Intercept  


A.I. Analysis
Detection & Tracking
Investigation & Case Building
Mission Planning
Mission Command & Control


Discrete Mission Execution
Hostage Extraction
Personnel Extraction
Asset Recovery

Secrecy is Vital For Operations

Information leaks endanger the lives of personnel and can lead to undesirable outcomes. Loss of control over a critical situation can be fatal.

The Aquarius Intelligence SOAR platform communicates with clients via a fully encrypted military spec messaging service. Secrecy assured.